Big Bugs!

Big Bugs!

On the way to Pasadena to see family we stopped by a favorite place of ours – Rancho Santa Ana Botanic Garden in Claremont CA- and they had this great exhibit of larger-than-life wood sculpture insects, David Rogers’ Big Bugs, which has been traveling since its 1994 debut in Dallas. It was so nice to see how popular it was with kids. As the exhibition guide says, it gives you a chance to imagine a world where insects (which outnumber us humans millions to one) gain a size advantage.

Here are some photos of our bug friends. Also some favorite plants that were in spectacular bloom, including a flannel bush (fremontodendron californica) that always amazes us with its size. Usually 8-10 feet tall, the photo shows it’s definitely taller than the upper range given for its hybrids (9-18 feet tall). We have a couple on our property, and the flowers are a vibrant yellow.

Rancho Santa Ana Botanic Garden is dedicated to California native plants, and is a wonderful example of old-growth natives. Check your area for a arboretum or botanic center that features natives in your area.

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  1. Carl Olson says:

    The critters are spectacular but what I wanted to say was it should be just as nice if this exhibit was as popular with adults, who really need to understand how glorious the bug world is, instead of thinking icky, yucky and gross. The real fauna is as spectacular and just needs to be understood instead of vilified like the media tends to do.

    • I totally agree!
      Once we adults know how great bugs are we can better educate our kids and grandkids. Had fun w/our 4 yr old granddaughter yesterday as we fished bugs and bees out of our pool, marveling at how wonderful they were. Later we went on a walk looking at all the orb spiders….

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