Bugs! and Other Photos from Our Yard

Bugs! and Other Photos from Our Yard

Our yard is alive with wildlife this spring, so thought I would post some photos of the critters and a few native plants they’re especially attracted to. The insects attract a host of larger insects and in the chain of life, they in turn attract a rich bird and lizard population that feeds on them all. The last photo I took was of a Cooper’s hawk hoping to feed on one of those birds.

I’m also fishing more native bees and other interesting insects out of our pool (the majority are making it after catching their breath) — more than the usual honeybees, so that’s a sign their numbers are increasing in our yard as we’ve gone to more native plants. In a prior post Native Bees and Other Wildlife Find Our Yard I mentioned how research is showing native bees are effective pollinators, and their presence makes the European imported honeybees work even harder.IMG_0117

While most photos below are from our yard, a couple are from a local hike. If anyone wants to help me identify anything please do… Update: The Bug Chicks helped me identify a few more – thank you!

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My goal is to educate about the science of nature in layperson speak, through my writing, science and education background. I grew up in the Chicago area, loved living in Minneapolis before gravitating to the West, which is now home.


  1. Monika Moore says:

    Hi Linda,
    My friend Robin thinks your cool bug is a leaf footed bug. If you would like to know for sure what it is you can ask Peace, Love and Bugs or Go Ahead, Bug Me, or Give Bugs a Chance. Just friend them on facebook. Tracy from Peace, Love and Bugs has been very helpful to me.

    God Bless,

  2. Thanks… will do. There’s also the Bug Chicks….

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