Coyote Trapping Planned for Carson CA

Coyote Trapping Planned for Carson CA

If you live in SoCal and particularly Carson  – and are concerned about plans to kill coyotes –  please read below from Bee Simpson of  ProjectCoyote. (see  my  previous blog about them

2/11/12 Update: Carson Trapping Plan Continues – The city decided to go ahead and remove the coyotes. Letters/emails still help. Meanwhile, Bee and others continue to work with city.

More information call 310-877-6313

  • Contact Carson officials immediately and urge they reject
    trapping the problem coyote (remind them removing one will not solve long term problem and the one removed may not be the one they intend).  We are urging PLEASE, POLITE HELPFUL EMAILS.   Thank you so much!
  • There have been no reports of pets taken nor aggressive behavior by coyote EXCEPT one is going onto porch where a woman was feeding cats.  This is, of course, not acceptable behavior.  We need to state we understand concerns of citizens, but changes in their behavior will be necessary and must be sustained.  Once coyotes find an easy source of food they will remain and can become emboldened.  We want them to be afraid of people; need to harass them, squirt with hose, shout, wave arms, open umbrella, and so on.   Never feed them.
  •  Urge city to work with the lady in question to have this coyote go away.  Remind them if they have trapping, more animals will fill the void; pets can be caught in the traps which are wire snares BAITED, thus they invite animals to area who otherwise would not be there. 
  • Focus on helping the lady, protecting pets and NOT the cruelty to the coyotes!   We will have better chance of convincing them. 
  • If you’re from Carson, please indicate that on your email

Note: It appears as though the contact emails block outside correspondences that are from a foreign/unfamiliar email address, as first time contacts.  It’s crucial to follow the directions below to ensure delivery of emails to the city council and city managers. 
You’ll receive this email response immediately from the city:
“Thank you for your e-mail. In order for your original message to be delivered, please join my e-mail network.It’s easy: just reply to this message.By pressing REPLY and then SEND, you will be added to my list of trusted contacts and all your future e-mails will be delivered directly to my inbox. For more information on how this process works, please visit the link below.Thank you,”
Just hit reply and they’ll get your message.

Here are the Carson people to email:  

 Mayor Jim Dear
Mayor ProTem   Julie Ruiz-Raber
Councilman Mike A. Gipson  
Councilman Elito M. Santarina  
Councilwoman  Lula Davis-Holmes  
David Biggs, City Manager
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