Finding Nature in Cabo San Lucas

Finding Nature in Cabo San Lucas

We recently stayed at a timeshare (Hacienda del Mar) in Cabo with friends — and discovered a bountiful nature scene following the heavy rains that hit the area the last few weeks. The answer: in addition to the rich marine life among the rocks, go find the native plants, which we found next door to the resort, nestled around the golf course. The photos below tell the story about what I’ll remember most:

  • thousands of butterflies – especially sulfurs, Gulf Fritillaries, Queens – streaming through the resort after the rains
  • iguanas like looking out on the ocean
  • the feeding butterflies, birds and their abundant nest sites, butterflies throughout the native habitat, and how the mostly non-native landscaped areas of the resort hosted less wildlife.

My recommendation: Plant natives and any timeshare owners (or golf club members) – encourage the planting of native plants. There were also plenty of opportunities for nature walks as a timeshare activity.

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