Great Hikes (and Camping): Wind Wolves Preserve

Great Hikes (and Camping): Wind Wolves Preserve

If you’re looking for a place in the southern half of California to hike or camp that features few people, running streams and waterfalls, and a wild land full of wildlife, head to Wind Wolves Preserve. As word gets out this place it won’t feel so remote very long.

Set aside by Wildlands Conservancy in 1996, photos from our recent June trip best illustrate its specialness. Kudos to the Conservancy and their mission – I’ve visited four of their 12 preserves now and they do such a great job. (See my Oak Glen Preserve and Whitewater Preserve write-ups)

Here’s what I love about Wind Wolves:

  • Remoteness: Aside from some working archaeologists we had the campground to ourselves, and saw zero to very few people on the trails.


  • Nice Campground: Camping at the San Emigdio Campground was hot but quite bearable with numerous and entertaining birds in the tree cover, and running water  in streams and even a waterfall within walking distance.
  • Gorgeous Scenery and nice hikes


  • Plentiful Wildlife: In 24 hours, although we didn’t see condors or the preserve’s famous tule elk, we saw hawks, a dozen species of birds, deer and a beautiful California Kingsnake
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  1. Natalie Tejeda says:

    How much did you guys pay to camp out here? And what do I need to do to book my camping ground?

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