Converting Lawns to Waterwise Landscapes: So CA examples

Converting Lawns to Waterwise Landscapes: So CA examples

With the drought in the west and the growing appreciation for natives and other drought-tolerant landscapes, I’m writing some articles for our local paper – here is the link to the first one that explains why, here’s the second on the planning process, and here’s the last one on plant selection.  I wanted to post more photos of converted landscape projects in Southern California, including our own.

Example One: Emphasis on native plants and habitat value

We started our project six years ago, and below are some before and after photos. Click here for an article about our process.  Or click on the category ‘Favorite Native Plants’ in the right column for write-ups of our ‘must-haves’ and the birds, bees and other critters they attract. Ours won a local award in the Western Waterwise Landscape Contest in 2011.

Views from front:

Example Two: Featuring a shaded courtyard, seated walls surrounded by trees

Here are some photos of Molly Bogh’s yard in Highland CA.  Molly, a former city planner, has a book coming out soon that documents her project. (Photos courtesy of Molly Bogh)

Example Three: A dry riverbed and rich in succulents

And here are some from Brenda Wolfe’s yard, which won the Western Waterwise Landscape Contest in 2012. (click here for more about her project)

Example Four: Lengthy experimentation finds the right mix

Paul Bechtel, a retired horticulturalist, started converting his lawn in the late 80s and after much experimentation the yard features aloes, agaves, matilija popplies, evening primrose and freeway daisies which bloom at different times of the year for maximum color.

Anyone who has taken photos of their process, please send them to me and I’ll post them.

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