Let’s Not Expand Wildlife Killing on Public Lands

Let’s Not Expand Wildlife Killing on Public Lands

The purpose of my blog is not to be a political activist; however, this notice about a federal bill (which has passed the House) to expand wildlife killing is something that people should know about. If this passes, more public lands including National Parks and National Wildlife Refuges will be open to recreational hunting, and the EPA’s role in the poisons used will be weakened.  Below is an edited notice sent by Project Coyote, an organization I’ve written about (one earlier blog) that works on solutions for wildlife-human coexistence. If you can take a moment and email or call your two senators…. (it only took me 3 minutes to use the link below and call)  or pass this on.


Please join Project Coyote, Animal Welfare Institute, Sierra Club, National Parks Conservation Association, Defenders of Wildlife, HSUS and countless other organizations in opposing H.R. 4089- the so-called “Sportsmen’s Heritage Act of 2012” (more appropriately the “Wildlife Killing Act of 2012”).

This highly controversial bill would be devastating for wildlife and the environment. Among other provisions, this legislation seeks to:

  • Open nearly all of our public lands- including National Wildlife Refuges and National Parks- to recreational hunting without regard to the impact on wildlife and other resources;
  • Expand trapping of coyotes, wolves, and other wild animals for their fur– on our public lands;

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  • Weaken the EPA of its authority to protect habitat, animals, and people from lead poisoning through toxic ammunition exposure;
  • Allow trophy hunters to import polar bear trophies (killed before May 15, 2008—the date when polar bears were designated as a threatened species under the Endangered Species Act) from Canada in defiance of current law.

H.R. 4089 has already passed the House; it is being expedited through Congress by a powerful lobby including the NRA, U.S. Sportsman’s Alliance and Safari Club International. We must unite to make our voices heard NOW by urging our Senators to oppose this bill.

ACT NOW – Please make a brief, polite phone call to both of your U.S. Senators, urging opposition to H.R. 4089.   Look up your Senators here.  All you need to do is say  to the person who answers the phone (or if you’re transferred to leave a message) is that you oppose the H.R  bill 4089.

We cannot do this without you- please pick up the phone!

Chincoteague National Wildlife Refuge Painting - Sarah Grangier

If you have a few more minutes (it took me 5 additional minutes), please send a follow-up note by email or fax to your two U.S. Senators (via the same website).  Please personalize and use your own words. (I made mine very short and included the following)

SUBJECT: Please Oppose H.R. 4089 


For more information, see the following websites:

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