Linda Richards

My goal is to educate about the science of nature in layperson speak, through  my writing, science and education background. I grew up in the Chicago area, loved living in Minneapolis before gravitating to the West, which is now home. The search for my purpose took me down a path of eclectic and yes, a little strange careers, beginning  as a nutritionist and health educator, morphing into a pharmaceutical sales rep, getting a journalism masters degree at Columbia University and most recently, 14 years as writer/editor of medical trend reports for Wall Street companies. My husband’s career in the U.S. Forest Service and my stint as a national park ranger (forgot to list that one…) attracts us to natural settings – where I keep running into screaming examples of the need for someone to speak for our natural world.

Whenever possible, I will reference research from biology, environmental science, etc. experts, especially to counteract common myths and misconceptions.

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Also, see the artist website of my husband and I – – where most of my oil paintings feature animals and other natural subjects.