More examples of drought tolerant landscapes

More examples of drought tolerant landscapes

These photos supplement an article I wrote – just published in the Redlands Daily Facts on drought tolerant landscaping here in Southern California (click here for article). In a previous post I provided four examples, including our own, and Molly Bogh’s home in Highland CA. Bogh has published an excellent book about her process, Life After Lawns: 8 steps from Grass to a Waterwise Garden, available at  Here are additional examples of local (inland So. CA yards)

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  1. Thanks for sharing so many different ideas. I live in a very dry climate and have not been successful at keeping my landscaping finished. These all look great and manageable though. My wife loves bougainvilleas, but I did not realize that they are such hardy plants. I will have to use some of these ideas next year. Thank you for sharing!

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