Nature Abounds on Grand Canyon River Trip

Nature Abounds on Grand Canyon River Trip

My family and I just got done with a whopping 22 days on the Colorado River – floating, running rapids, hiking, unloading and loading boats, and eating great meals in the Grand Canyon. The private permit I applied for in the mid-90s finally came up. Along with endless stunning views along the way, bats, birds, other animals and insects, and plant life were doing great, especially after plentiful monsoon rains. Here is a gallery of photos – click on the photo for the full view.



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My goal is to educate about the science of nature in layperson speak, through my writing, science and education background. I grew up in the Chicago area, loved living in Minneapolis before gravitating to the West, which is now home.


  1. Nancy Tongue says:

    Really great shots. So glad that your permit finally came up and that you got to take advantage of such a rare opportunity!

  2. Christine says:

    Wow – what an adventure. I bet it was so special and life-changing; definitely inspires me! Thanks for sharing these gorgeous photos of the animals you saw on the trip. Glad to have you back!

  3. Sarah Miggins says:

    Welcome back! Amazing!!

  4. Looks like a once in a lifetime trip, Linda. What a beautiful country we share with nature!

  5. Linda, just read your last three posts I’d been saving. This is my favorite blog post of yours so far! Such appreciation for the little things in Nature. Thanks.

    • Thanks for the feedback. The wildlife was so rich there, and obviously pretty willing to be photographed. The few hikers and river folks that come across them are obviously very gentle on their environment.

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