Oak Glen Preserve in Spring

Oak Glen Preserve in Spring

On Sunday we went to one of our favorite spots, Oak Glen Preserve, up in Oak Glen CA, which I wrote up in this post last fall.

It’s wonderful in fall, and equally wonderful in spring — or any season you visit. Some photos are below. The ceanothus was alive with native bees, the acorn woodpeckers that were so busy gathering acorns last fall seemed to be bickering over nesting territory this visit. I’m also surprised more people aren’t using the picnic tables in the two gorgeous picnic sites.

The Wildlands Conservancy opens the preserve’s botanic garden on May 10th, which features the diverse botanic richness of the San Bernardino Mountains, one of the best in the world. Wherever you go in the preserve, the signs on the various trails make it informative too. Kudos to the conservancy for such a great educational program.



For more info:

LA Times article on the preserve and botanic garden

Wildlands Conservancy’s Oak Glen Preserve website

San Bernardino Animals and Plants (US Forest Svc)

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  1. Great post. I will get out and see it very soon. I’ve only had a chance to pick apple in the area. I had no idea that their was more to explore.

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