Our Backyard Brethren: Recent Wildcam Photos

Our Backyard Brethren: Recent Wildcam Photos

I took a hiatus with our Bushnell wildlife cameraOur Bushnell Trophy Trail Camera, but have put one up again the last couple months in 3 different places to track our wildlife visitors.  Thought I would post a few photos of what’s been in our yard, plus what’s been waking up my husband most early mornings as it goes through the gate next to our bedroom.

We live in a suburban setting (in Redlands CA) but in back of us is an alley that leads to the golf course and a canyon (San Timoteo Canyon). I think it shows the importance of wildlife corridors, which increase biodiversity by allowing small and larger wildlife to traverse areas, even in suburbanized areas.

Looks like we have deer, possums, skunk, raccoons, fox, bobcats,and coyotes, with the latter three especially welcome as a natural rodent control. The last couple weeks on our neighborhood walks with our macaw, we’ve seen a doe in a neighbor’s yard down the alley. Our pattern is to stop and watch one another before turning around. Our camera shows a buck is visiting her.


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  1. Love your photos, Linda! What fun to “capture” these wonderful animals creeping around outside under the cover of darkness. We’ve spotted a 12-point buck in our neighborhood a couple of times, but I haven’t been able to get a photo yet. Now I am really inspired!

  2. I like your photos. We’re on the east end of that golf course and see the same critters over here. Not often, but occasionally. Our dogs usually scare them away before we have a chance to see them.

  3. Melonie Calderon says:

    Your pictures are amazing! We live off the Redlands Country Club, near hole 7. Thank you for sharing your photos, it’s not often to see these animals, especially while they’re just free and unaware of humans. Thanks again! Can’t wait to share this with my family.

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