Our Experience with Rodent Poison Use

Our Experience with Rodent Poison Use

Originally posted Jan 2012, Updated August, 2013

As you can see in the above photo and from my entry Wildlife Cam Shots: While You’re Sleeping, we had a rat problem. The year-round availability of fruit from our orchard, our compost bin and feeding the birds all made a happy habitat for them. Their squeaks outside our home at night got so loud we closed our screen doors, even during hot summer nites.

We had to do something and reluctantly contacted a local pest company that recommended the anticoagulant rat poison (called AR – anticoagulat rodenticides). My husband was aware that wildlife was getting poisoned (called secondary poisoning) from eating rodents that are dead or dying from the latest generation of ARs — so we wanted to avoid those.  We opted for a nerve toxin, bromethalin, found in Tomcat pellets and other products at hardware stores. At the time there was little research available, so we kept our fingers crossed that it was a safer alternative. It really worked. Now we discover that bromethalin is very toxic to birds. I remember feeling dread when I saw a cooper’s hawk leaving our yard with a rodent in its talons.we have rats that like to bed down in our attic at night.

Nearly two years later, we still have rats that like to bed down in our attic at nite. After two months now, we think (hope?) a different pest company has sealed all potential entry holes in our tile roof. For nearly $2000 they have promised to seal all entry points on our roof and eavesv, and guarantee it for one year. The fact it’s taken two months (again, we hope), shows it’s not an easy thing to do.

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