Wildcam photos from last night

Wildcam photos from last night

We have a mulberry tree growing outside our property in the back alley, and a lot of wildlife scat hinted that we weren’t the only critters eating the fruit. ¬†So we put the camera up last night and here is what’s also enjoying the mulberries, which are so plentiful they drop to the ground. We’re so glad we live along a wildlife corridor.

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  1. Sarah Miggins says:

    Awesome….anybody go for a swim?

  2. All of these images were captured in a single night? That is amazing. Does all this animal activity have downside? Do you frequently come across caracasses.

    • we do have some of our mourning doves that a cooper’s hawk gets, but to be honest, the carcasses that we come across are cat kills from neighbors cats that roam and kill wildlife (we see it more now that it’s springtime with babies being born)

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