Wildlife Aplenty on an Hour Walk at Wildwood Canyon State Park

Wildlife Aplenty on an Hour Walk at Wildwood Canyon State Park

A rattlesnake, numerous species of butterflies, cliff swallows bathing…….  I’m so glad I went, even though I had only an hour for a quick walk while my husband was at an art class. I chose Wildwood Canyon State Park in Yucaipa CA, which I wrote about in this initial March visit and this other March hike to Hunt Ranch.

Great place – no one there on a Monday late morning.

It had rained a couple nights prior so parts of the trails were moist – which attracted many butterflies getting minerals. I previously wrote about butterflies and puddle parties.

Lesson learned…. if you’re thinking about a short trek to a wild area – do it!


Southern California has over 212 species of butterflies. According to San Diego entomologist and butterfly expert Michael Klein this is prime butterfly time.

I had a great time watching the following (plus a few more – Painted Ladies, and a large dark one (Mourning Cloak?) and ever-present Cabbage Whites…)

Of course, click on photo for full view.


And just plain pretty views…

And a surprise reptile on the main trail on the way back….

I’ve written on rattlesnakes here, which are important members of our natural world, and the controversies of rattlesnake relocation citing experts here and here.



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