Wildlife Cam Shots–While You’re Sleeping

Wildlife Cam Shots–While You’re Sleeping

Nothing like a wildlife camera to show what’s out on your property — We live in a suburban area on a half acre, 2 houses from a golf course. There is an alley in back, where I saw coyotes trotting by one early morning, so figured there were more critters to be had. We’ve also preserved native plant habitat and are creating more, so wondered what was out there when we were sleeping or not looking.

Here are some photos from two places on the alley and on our property (still awaiting the coyotes).

Note: although we’ve abandoned seed bird feeders, the seed we throw on the ground daily, and the thistle feeder for goldfinches does attract rats and I’m sure helps attract the others below.

We’re happy with our Bushnell Trophy Trail Camera ($150) – but there are many others out there.

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