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  1. Heather Stevning
    May 23, 2012

    Received a notice yesterday from the California Dept of Food & Agriculture County, Agricultural Commissioner’s Office that they are coming tomorrow to spray my front and back yards with a pesticide meant to protect the citrus trees. I am horrified. How could this NOT effect bees, ants and my pets?

    • Linda Richards
      May 23, 2012

      I would think they need your permission. I would find out what they’re using (but really all types will kill any other insects in the way) and express your concerns about effects on the beneficial insects. No matter what, they shouldn’t spray on any blossoms with bees on it, as they’ll die. I’ll send you some info via email.

      • Heather Stevning
        May 23, 2012

        Linda, thank you for your response. FYI, the insecticides they are using are Tempo SC Ultra (cyfluthrin) and Merit 2F, an imidacloprid.

      • Linda Richards
        May 24, 2012

        yep, those are the ones. My earlier post – http://ifnaturecouldtalk.com/pesticide-use-consider-the-collateral-damage#more-489 -discusses them.
        My main concern is how the secondary effects are being downplayed. A 2011 Florida extension service write-up highlighted the negative effects, but you can’t find it on the web anymore – if anyone wants a copy I’ll send. The 2012 has very little on it.

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